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OWL Stage 2 Re-Opening:

The procedures that the Oliver Wolcott Library has adopted in adherence with to the guidelines and requirements set forth in the Governor's Re-Opening Connecticut, Sector Rules, dated June 6, 2020. As noted in the requirements, the most important consideration will be the health and safety of employees and patrons.

Effective March 3, Stage 2 will allow:

  • a maximum of 12 patrons inside the library at one time to browse and select materials. Patrons who visit the library are required to bring and wear their own mask or cloth face covering that completely covers the nose and mouth unless doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety due to a medical condition.
  • a limited number of unrelated patrons using the Children's Room at one time
  • access to two public computers, by appointment only.

The Library will continue to offer:

  • Curbside Pick-up
  • Virtual Book a Librarian
  • and host of self-directed and Virtual Events

In order to follow social distancing and cleaning requirements, we must significantly limit the number of people inside the library at one time and the length of visits. There may be times when you have to wait to enter the Library or to access the Children's Room. If you want to avoid waiting, please continue to use our Curbside Pick Up.

For complete details, and up-to-date information about OWL and Re-Opening Progression Plans, please subscribe to our e-newsletter, visit our website, and follow us on social media.

Please note that at Stage 2, patrons may visit but cannot “stay” at the library. We are unable at this time to allow patrons to sit, read, study, work, or engage in any activity that prolongs visits or utilizes shared furniture/spaces.

Safety: The safety of our community is paramount. The library has adopted a number of safety procedures and purchased supplies to safeguard our staff and patrons. Those include canceling our annual Festival of Trees, prohibiting group gatherings, installing safety shields at the circulation desk, establishing cleaning protocols, quarantining of returned materials, requiring masks and gloves for staff, and much more.


FAQ About Our Stage 2 Re-Opening:

To help you in visiting the Library, we have prepared a list of anticipated questions and provided our answers. Please note that at this time of great uncertainty, we may modify our plans as needed. If you have additional questions, please call us at 
860-567-8030. or email us at [email protected]. We welcome you back!

Below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Stage 2 Re-Opening for OWL

Beginning March 3, what are the library’s hours?

The Library will be open for library services five days a week:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 10 AM to 4 PM
  • Tuesdays from 10 AM to 8 PM
  • Saturdays 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Will Curbside Pick-Up remain available? And what are the hours for Curbside Pick-Up?

Yes. Curbside Pick-Up will remain available! We recommend it for anyone who wants to avoid waiting in line or might have additional health concerns. It is safe, convenient, and contact-less.

The hours for Curbside Pick-Up are the same as the library hours above.

Do I need to wear a mask? What else am I required to do if I visit?

Yes. Everyone over the age of two visiting the library is required to bring and wear their own mask, or face covering that completely covers their mouth and nose, unless they have a medical condition that prevents them from doing so. You must maintain social distancing when visiting the library of six feet when talking with any unrelated person, and maintain a social distance of 3 feet when checking out materials or talking to staff at the circulation desk.

You are also asked to be monitoring your own health. If you or anyone in your household is feeling sick, you should not visit the library.

What has the Library done to keep staff and patrons safe when checking out or asking a question?

The Library has implemented several measures to keep you and the staff safe. We have installed safety shields at the circulation desk. You are required to wear masks or face coverings even when standing behind the safety shields. We have also reduced the number of check-out stations to allow for more social distancing. All staff are required to wear masks and also monitor their health daily. Our air handler system that works in the main library area is serviced by Trane and has met the standard set by the State for air circulation systems. We also instituted other procedures to increase air circulation such as keeping overhead fans operational. These are just a few examples of the many measures we have implemented.

Are staff wearing masks?

Yes, all staff are required to wear masks, and for many tasks, they also wear gloves. Additionally, staff are required to monitor their healthy daily.

What can I do while at the library?

When visiting inside the library, you may freely browse throughout unrestricted areas of the library. Additional displays will be created to assist with browsing and flow. At all times, you must maintain social distancing. You may also use our two public computers, by appointment only, to access the Internet, email or other desktop needs. There is no access on Saturdays. To make an appointment for the public access computers, call us at 860-567-8030. Our self-serve public copier will also be available.

Can patrons enter the old house section of the library?

At this time, patrons may not enter the old house section of the library because these areas do not have any air circulatory systems.

What should I do if I touch a book/item and decide I don't want it?

We ask that you try to limit the number of items you pick up. We also ask that parents strictly monitor their young children to avoid having them handle or pull books/items off the shelf. If you do touch a book or media item and then decide not to borrow it, please leave it on a table for staff to re-shelve. Items left on tables will be automatically re-shelved by staff.

Can I return books and other materials when I visit?

Yes, materials may be returned either inside the library in a return box we have installed by the Jamie Gagarin Community Room or they may be returned outside the library in the outdoor drop box located on the north side of the building. Please note that because of the quarantining of materials, they will not be removed from your account for 4 to 10 days.

Can I bring my children?

At this time, we have not instituted an age restriction. We may amend this if we find that it has been difficult to maintain proper social distancing and safety precautions.

We do require that any child over the age of two wear a mask (unless they have a medical condition which prevents them from doing so) and that parents carefully monitor their children while inside the library. There will be a limit on the number of unrelated adults/children allowed in the Children's Room at one time. We, therefore, strongly encourage and request that parents limit the amount of time in the Room in order to prevent others from having to wait. Curbside Pick-Up may be a better option for most families at this time.

What can I do in the Children's Room?

The only activity allowed in the Children's Room is browsing and selecting materials. All toys, games, and chairs have been removed.

Can I access the catalog when I am at the library?

You will not be able to use one of the library's computers to access the catalog. We strongly encourage you to use your own smart phones or other devices to access our catalog while visiting the library. If you do not have or do not wish to access the catalog this way, library staff is more than happy to assist you by looking up anything you need in the catalog.

Can I access your public computers?

Yes, we will have two public computers available for use. This will be by appointment only. You may use the computer for up to one hour. Time cannot be renewed regardless of whether anyone else is waiting.  You may make an appointment by calling us at 860-567-8030.

Do I need to make an appointment to visit? Can I make an appointment?

Visiting the library to browse and select materials is first come, first serve. There are no appointments for browsing and selecting materials. In order to allow for social distancing, we have to limit the number of patrons inside the library at one time to 12.

You will be asked to wait until a staff person lets you in. You may wait outside or you may wait in your car and we will text/call you when it is your turn to enter. This allows you to save your space in line without having to wait directly outside the door.

Where do I enter and exit?

Please enter the main door located on the south (driveway entrance) side of the building and exit using the parking lot door located on the west side of the building. If because of a physical disability, you are unable or prefer to not exit using the parking lot door, then you may use the main entrance door to leave.

I received notification that my hold is ready. Do I have to wait in line to get it?

No. If you have received notification that your hold is ready for pick-up, then you will find it with your name on it at our Curbside Pick-Up tent.

Will there be staff available in the library to assist me?

Staff will be able to help you select materials by searching the catalog for you, if needed, and offering reading or viewing suggestions. Staff will be unable to assist with the self-serve public copier and they will be unable to assist with the public computers.

Will a bathroom be available?

There is one, unisex bathroom that will be available for use. The bathroom will be cleaned at the start of the day and mid-day. On Tuesdays when we are open late, it will be cleaned at the start of the day, mid-day, and early evening.

If I am disabled, is there an accessible bathroom?

Yes, please ask one of our staff to direct you.

Will a water fountain be available?

The water fountain may only be used to fill a water bottle. It may not be used as a fountain.

Can I reserve your meeting room?

No. At this time our meeting room is unavailable for meetings.

Will the Library be offering program events?

The Library will continue to offer virtual program events and self-directed events. To learn about our virtual events, please visit our website at

How can I stay up-to-date on what is happening at the Library?

Regularly visiting our website and subscribing to our e-newsletter are the best ways to stay up-to-date on Library events and news. Our e-newsletter is free. To subscribe, visit our website at and then enter your email address into the “Subscribe to E-newsletter.” You may also wish to follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

I heard that the Library canceled the Festival of Trees.

Yes. In order to protect our community, the Library has canceled the Festival of Trees. This has created financial uncertainty for the library because the Festival of Trees typically raises 73% of all fundraising monies for the library every year. However, the safety of our community comes first. Donations of any amount are needed and greatly appreciated. To make a donation, visit our website at If you have questions about giving, email us at [email protected]

If I have a question about Curbside Pick-Up or want to place a Curbside Pick-Up Order, how do I do this?

If you want to place a Curbside Pick-Up order or have questions about Curbside Pick-Up, then please email us [email protected] or call us at 860-567-8030.

If I have questions, whom should I call?

If you have questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 860-567-8030.


We will continue to offer Curbside Service. Curbside service is contactless and easy to use! Borrow books, DVDs, music CDs, audio books, even the latest issues of your favorite magazine. We'll pull together everything you want then safely wrap it up for you to pick up outside in our curbside service tent. For information about how to place a Curbside Order, click here.


The OWL Box located inside Bantam Market n Bantam is open. The OWL Box is a vending machine filled with physical books, audio books and DVDs. We rotate the items inside several times per week.