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About Oliver Wolcott Library

About Oliver Wolcott Library

OWL is the principal library for the Town of Litchfield and is the heart of our community! OWL is ranked first in the state of Connecticut for total adult circulation among libraries serving 6,000-11,000, a statistic which shows how vital the library is for our community.

The Library is a 501c3 organization, and receives slightly under 50% of its funding from the Town. The remaining 50% is raised each year through private donations. To support OWLs service to the community through an online donation, please click here.


Our Core Values

  • We creatively communicate and attentively listen to ensure that our services are known and relevant to the needs of the community.
  • We are innovative, dynamic risk-takers who embrace new technologies and ideas.
  • We select, initiate and promote materials, programs and services that enlighten, entertain, and inform.
  • We are a welcoming, friendly place for all members of the community.
  • We continuously improve our efficiency and infrastructure by managing our funds and resources wisely and attracting public and private funding.

Our Mission

To provide facilities, materials, services and programs that foster lifelong learning and a welcoming environment for community interaction, enhanced by staff dedicated to this vision and possessed of compassion, a cooperative spirit and strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Library cards

Any person who is a resident or taxpayer of the Town of Litchfield (including Bantam, Northfield and Milton) is eligible to have a library card.

In order to obtain a library card, you must present identification that provides proof of residency or taxpayer status such as a driver's license, postmarked envelope, or recent bill. Library cards are free and valid for three years. Click here to apply online for a library card. The Library also offers special teacher cards, student cards, and out-of-state resident cards. Please ask us at the library or email us at info at owlibrary dot org for more information about these special cards. 


OWL Website Photography

Most of the website photography was created by Lindsey Victoria Photography. We thank her for her excellent work on our behalf. Visit her website at