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OWL Literary Competition

The OWL Literary Competition 2.0


Literary ContestSo many of you (well, a few anyway) have asked if and when we will be hosting a second short story competition.

And the answer is: NOVEMBER!

In these troubling and chaotic times, we could all use a little diversion and what could be more diverting than sitting yourself down, getting in touch with your innermost creative powers and writing a story? It may not be a trip to Paris, but it will have to do. For now.

This time around you have much more latitude. Instead of a three-sentence story, you may now write up to 100 words. But not a single word more!

HOWEVER…your story must end with one of these two final sentences:

“And they lived happily ever after.”

OR “And they never saw each other again.”  Easy and fun, right? Still with us? Then read on.

A few rules, regulations and guidelines:

  • The competition is open to persons of all ages, sizes, and genders, even library personnel! (Though sadly library personnel are not eligible for prizes)
  • You must reside in Litchfield, Bantam or Northfield or be a “friend” of OWL. (Anyone, regardless of where you live, who considers OWL his primary library or who uses OWL on a regular basis, or who donates to OWL is considered a friend of OWL).
  • Your story may not contain more than 100 words and must end with one of the two sentences captioned above.
  • There is no charge to enter the contest.
  • Only one submission per person.

Your story must be mailed to [email protected] and  you may begin submissions on November 1. Your story must be received no later than midnight on Monday November 30.

All submissions will be published in our online newsletter!

Please include your name, address, phone number and email address with your story. (And by the way, by submitting a story you have given us the right to publish it.) Be sure to let us know if you prefer that your last name NOT be shown in the writers’ credits.

THE WINNERS will be selected by a panel of literary poo-bahs. You may not dispute of question their judgment. (Judges are given the stories without names attached to ensure judging is fair and impartial.)


  • First prize-winner receives a $30 gift certificate to Toast.
  • Second prize-winner receives an $20 gift certificate to The Dutch Epicure.
  • Third prize-winner receives a $10 gift certificate to Bantam Bread. 

All others should just be proud and pleased to have completed a story.

Good luck to you all!


Congratulations to the winners of our May 2020 competition! 


Thank you to everyone who entered our very first short story competition wherein you were asked to create a three-sentence story (up to 50 words). The deadline for entries was Friday, May 15, 2020 and the response was terrific! We received 155 submissions over a period of about 2 weeks, all competing for gift certificates from Hickory Stick Bookshop, Da Capo Restaurant and The Bakehouse. As you will see on the following pages Covid-19 and cabin fever were major themes in the stories.

The entries were judged by Laura Cardello, Jackie Everly and myself. We are retired publishing professionals living here in Litchfield and voracious readers all. The stories were wonderful, judging was difficult, and I only wish we could have given more prizes.

I hope you had as much fun with your literary endeavors as we did hosting the contest.

Read on!

Best regards,
Michael Kazan


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