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OWL Literary Competition

Calling All Poets!

Search For First Litchfield Poet Laureate Begins

February 15th until March 15th


February 1 - The town of Litchfield has officially announced its search for a Poet Laureate.  It joins more than 30 other towns in Connecticut that have created this position hoping to encourage the appreciation of poetry, good writing and the spoken word.  This is an extraordinary opportunity for someone with a passion for poetry.

As of February 15th, the Oliver Wolcott Library is accepting applications for this new appointment.  Applicants must reside or pay taxes in the Town of Litchfield, be 18 years or older and willing to serve for a term of three years. The Poet Laureate shall serve without compensation. They must demonstrate both a knowledge of and passion for classical and contemporary poetry, be a confident public speaker, and be able to get along with the diverse members of our community. In addition, they should have published at least one poem in some medium or have been otherwise recognized for their work.

Litchfield’s Poet Laureate will be required to take the lead in some or all of the following activities:

  • Present a poem at one of our town’s celebrations
  • Host a poetry discussion at our library
  • Celebrate Poetry Month each April
  • Engage school-aged children in our community with poetry, including but not limited to at least one workshop event
  • Come up with other ideas that will stimulate and involve the town at large
  • Report periodically to the First Selectman

Everyone who meets the qualifications is encouraged to apply! Please include the following materials:

  • Three original poems
  • Two ideas of what you would like to do or accomplish in your term
  • A cover letter that highlights your qualifications and interest in the position
  • A list or resume that focuses on your accomplishments or experiences in the realm of poetry

Applications will be accepted from February 15th until March 15th by email only at [email protected]

Contact: Michael Kazan at [email protected]


The OWL Literary Competition 2.0


Literary ContestThanks to all of you who submitted stories for the Literary Competition 2.0! You were asked to create a story of no more than 100 words that ended in one of two sentences:

"And they never saw each other again."


"And they lived happily ever after."

Surprisingly (or maybe not) an overwhelming number of the 44 entries chose to work with never seeing each other again…

The entries were judged by Joseph Montebello, Laura Cardello and myself. We hope that you had as much fun crafting your stories as we did hosting the contest.

May you all stay well and Live Happily Ever After!!

Best regards,

Michael Kazan

Congratulations to our three winners:


Read their winning stories below!

And, after the winning stories, click on the link below
to read ALL of the stories!



How My Parents Met:

One Saturday night in June I went to a fundraising dance for Henry Wallace who was running for President in 1948. The dance was held at Carnegie Hall. Usually I had a date for Saturday night, but this night I didn't. It was a hot night. There was a window sill where I sat because it had a breeze coming in. Joe asked me to dance, I said no because I didn't want to lose my place on the window. A young man sitting nearby told me to go dance and he would save my place.

So I danced with Joe and they lived happily ever after!

~ Laura Lasker


Where Are You?

I woke up, with a tingling sensation. As I opened my eyes, I discovered it was not my body I had awakened in….nor was anything surrounding me familiar. It was a sensation of being lighter than air, formless. In this new altered state, I had an awareness of conscious thought. A loving presence beside me was telepathically communicating that this was the beginning of a new journey.

It was a choice.

I felt the lick on my face, from my pup, Sierra, as if to ask where did you go?

And they lived happily ever after.

~ Susan Fearey



His chest heaved as he broke the surface of the placid lake. "One last time," he thought. A gulp of air, then he propelled himself towards the submerged car. His pocket knife slashed through the seat belt and he lifted his wife through the shattered window. As they ascended from the murky depths, he remembered their first visit to the lake, their lovemaking and the refreshing swim that cooled their sweaty bodies.

"Thank you," she murmured when she could draw breath again. "But I still want a divorce." They glided slowly towards shore, then parted at water's edge. And they never saw each other again.

~ Albert Macchioni

A special thanks to everyone
who shared their stories!


We want to extend our heart-felt thanks to everyone who entered into this competition. Please click here to view The OWL Literary Competition 2.0 newsletter where you can page through all of the wonderful entries.




Congratulations to the winners of our May 2020 competition! 


Thank you to everyone who entered our very first short story competition wherein you were asked to create a three-sentence story (up to 50 words). The deadline for entries was Friday, May 15, 2020 and the response was terrific! We received 155 submissions over a period of about 2 weeks, all competing for gift certificates from Hickory Stick Bookshop, Da Capo Restaurant and The Bakehouse. As you will see on the following pages Covid-19 and cabin fever were major themes in the stories.

The entries were judged by Laura Cardello, Jackie Everly and myself. We are retired publishing professionals living here in Litchfield and voracious readers all. The stories were wonderful, judging was difficult, and I only wish we could have given more prizes.

I hope you had as much fun with your literary endeavors as we did hosting the contest.

Read on!

Best regards,
Michael Kazan


Click here to read the 3- Sentence Literary Competition Newsletter