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OWL offers a number of different email lists. Select the ones that interest you!

  1. The OWL E-List
    Upcoming programs and events, special interviews, highlights on services, and so much more! Stay connected with everything happening at OWL!
    Frequency: generally twice per week.

  2. Children & Teen E-List
    Periodic email that provides updates on children and teen events and services.
    Frequency: generally once per month.

  3. Monthly Library Digest PLUS Festival & Auction Updates
    Want to know what’s happening at OWL but only once a month - AND- love Festival and our online Auction? This is for you! You’ll receive only a monthly digest but all of our updates relating to the Festival and our Online Auction.

  4. Monthly Library Digest
    Want to only hear from OWL once a month? We’ll send you a monthly digest, only once per month, never more.

  5. Book & Movie Lover’s E-List
    Curated list to help you find what to read and watch next including newest acquisitions, fiction and nonfiction genres, and staff favorites. Frequency: generally five to six times per month.

  6. Wowbrary
    Weekly list of the latest materials added to our adult and children’s collection including physical books, e-books, DVDs, music CDs, and audio books.
    Frequency: weekly.






Book Lover’s E-List


Movie Lover’s E-List