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Proctor Policy

In an attempt to support continuing education and lifelong learning, the Oliver Wolcott Library has agreed to act as proctors for distance learning students and other students who may need to have a test or exam proctored. The Oliver Wolcott Library will provide this service under the following conditions:

  • The student agrees to pay a fee of $25.00 for this service. The fee must be paid before the exam is administered or collected. The Library will administer and collect the exam only after all fees are paid.
  • Any library staff member available must be acceptable as the proctor when the students choose to take the exam.
  • The Library agrees to receive the exam. When contacted by the student, the Library will arrange a time for the exam to be taken.
  • Students need to present current photo ID. Name on ID must match the name on the test the student is registered to take.
  • The student must not require supervision while taking the exam. The Library is unable to provide one-on-one monitoring of students.
  • The student must understand and be aware that the library environment and noise level will vary. The Library is unable to determine or predict the actual noise level at any given time or day.
  • The student must understand that they can only utilize the areas of the library that are open to the public to take the exam. The Library does not provide any special rooms for students to take exams.
  • If the exam is to be taken online, then the student agrees to our Public Access Policy except that we will expand the time limit to two and half hours. Students may use their own laptop computers to access our wireless network. Personal computers have no time limit for usage and are recommended for exams that students expect to take longer than two hours to complete.
  • The library staff will hand out the exam, collect it when completed, and mail or fax it back to the appropriate educational institution.
  • The student or the institution giving the test need to provide a return envelope with paid postage. The Library cannot arrange for UPS or FedEx pick-up.
  • The Library will fax the exam for no additional costs.

Policy on Proctoring