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Exhibition and Meeting Room Policy

The Board of Trustees subscribes to Article VI of the Library Bill of Rights which states that, “libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis regardless of the benefits or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.” However, granting of permission to use Library facilities does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s particular beliefs or purposes by the Library Board, Staff, or Town.

In order to provide community members with the opportunity to enjoy the full use of facilities administered by the Oliver Wolcott Library while at the same time recognizing the primary responsibility for providing uninterrupted library services to the Library’s patrons, the Board of Trustees has adopted the following rules regarding Exhibits and the use of the Meeting Room.


The Library does not allow exhibits or displays. The only exhibits allowed are created by the Library staff for the sole purpose of promoting library programs, services and/or materials. No other exhibits are accepted.

Meeting Room

The Board of Trustees of the Oliver Wolcott Library is pleased to offer the use of the Library’s Meeting Room as a library service to the community.

General Rules and Restrictions:

  1. Capacity of the Room: 120 people
    (Note: for comfortably seated adults, we recommend approximately 80)
  2. Provisions: Sink, 4 tables, 100 chairs, and podium.
  3. Hours of availability: Limited to regular library hours. Special permission may be granted for a 9 a.m. meeting. Please contact the Library Director.

    Regular Library Hours are:
    Monday - 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Tuesday - Thursday - 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    Friday - 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Saturday - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
    Sunday - 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  4. Staff must close the Library promptly. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  5. Availability of the Meeting Room shall be on a first-come, first-serve basis. To allow for the most access for the most organizations, the number of meetings allowed shall be limited to once per month.
  6. The following priorities shall prevail in case of conflict:
    1. A group affiliated with or sponsored by the Library.
    2. A Litchfield-based non-profit group.
    3. Other groups.
  7. Applications may be accepted for up to four (4) months in advance of the requested date(s) of use.
  8. All activity must comply with local fire code regulations.
  9. Meetings must be free and open the general public.
  10. The sponsoring group may not require sign-in of attendees nor should any follow-up contact be made at the sponsor’s initiation. Voluntary sign-in and voluntary follow-up contacts by attendees is allowed.
  11. All advertising and press releases must make clear that the sponsoring group should be contacted directly for information regarding the program and a contact name and telephone number must be provided. A statement of sponsorship must appear in all advertising and press releases using the following phrase: This program is sponsored by (organization name) and will be held in the Meeting Room of the Oliver Wolcott Library.
  12. Users of the meeting room must be considerate of library patrons and therefore must not disrupt normal library operations.
  13. Notice of cancellation of room use should be given to the Library as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the group using the Meeting Room to notify the public of a change of date, time or cancellation.
  14. In the case of inclement weather, it is the responsibility of the group using the Meeting Room to listen to either of the following radio stations, WZBG 97.3-FM or WTIC 1080-AM, or to contact the Library for any library closings. The Library will not be able to notify the group of any such closings.
  15. Groups using the Meeting Room will be responsible for:
    1. Proper supervision
    2. Setting up chairs, tables, etc.
    3. Restoring the Meeting Room to the same condition in which it was found.
    4. Costs arising from any loss, damage, or excessive janitorial services.
  16. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Library.
  17. Light refreshments, but no alcohol or full meals, may be served. You are welcome to use the Meeting Room kitchen area sink. However, please be sure to leave it in the condition in which it was found. You will need to provide all food, beverages, paper goods, and/or equipment. Clean-up after the event is mandatory. Any paper goods in the cabinets are the Library’s property and may not be used.
  18. Groups showing films or using other media must secure and show proof of all necessary performance rights or agree in writing to indemnify the Library for any failure to do so.
  19. Material may be tacked on fabric wall panels. However, no works of art exhibited in the Meeting Room may be disturbed. No material may be affixed to painted wall surfaces.
  20. Local telephone calls may be made in emergency situations. Please contact a staff member for assistance. The Library staff does not take incoming phone messages.
  21. Do not store materials at the Library before or after your reserved time.
  22. The Library is not responsible for damage to materials or equipment brought in by a group.
  23. The Library is located in a residential neighborhood. Please help us respect our neighbors’ rights of privacy and quiet when arriving on or leaving Library property.
  24. Any individual or group that uses the Meeting Room agrees to indemnify and to hold harmless the Oliver Wolcott Library, Inc. and its Board of Trustees, and its employees from any and all claims, actions, causes of action of any kind which may arise out of use of the meeting room by such an individual or group.
  25. All groups using the Meeting Room must abide by our Behavior Policy.

Eligibility of Meeting Room Use

  1. The Meeting Room is used primarily by non-commercial, non-profit, tax- exempt groups. No fee is charged for use of this room. However, donations to the Library are strongly encouraged and gratefully accepted. A donation of $25.00 per meeting is suggested for non-profit groups.
  2. For-profit groups may use the Meeting Room for informational meetings only. For-profit groups shall be charged $50 for the first two hours, then $50 per hour after the initial two hours.
  3. No dues or donations may be charged or solicited by Meeting Room users for any program or exhibit.
  4. The Meeting Room may not be used for private parties, political fundraising, or fundraising activities.
  5. The Meeting Room is available for use by patrons eighteen years of age or older. Those under the age of eighteen also may use the Meeting Room when an adult parent or guardian has read and signed the application form and when the sponsoring group provides adequate adult supervision during the meeting time.
  6. The Library reserves the right to seek references for any groups before booking a room.

Anyone violating these rules may be asked to leave and/or denied future use of the Meeting Room facilities.

Adopted 2/18/05 Revised 1/15/08 Revised 2/26/09 Revised 07/21/09