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Bulletin Board Policy

The purpose of the bulletin board is to provide the residents of Litchfield and surrounding communities with information on cultural, educational and other activities of local interest.

All materials for the bulletin board must be stamped and dated by a staff member. Anything that is not stamped and dated will be removed.

General Rules and Restrictions:

  1. Posters will be no larger than 11″ x 17″ in size. Smaller posters and flyers are accepted and encouraged.
  2. With the exception of ongoing programs which benefit the community, materials (posters and hand-outs) may be left on the bulletin board or its shelf until the event has been completed or for no more than one month (whichever comes first).
  3. Only non-profit organization information will be accepted. Personal, commercial or profit-making posters or hand-outs are not allowed.
  4. No petitions.
  5. One copy of each announcement will be posted.
  6. Hand-outs will be no larger than 9 ½″ x 5″. Hand-outs must also be stamped and dated by library staff. They will be distributed on the shelf attached and below the bulletin board for one month or longer if space allows.
  7. The Library will not act as a collection point for donations to charities or organizations.
  8. Posters and announcements left at the Library become the property of the Library and cannot be returned.

The Library will display information in the following order priority:

  1. OWL sponsored events
  2. Litchfield Town Government announcements
  3. Litchfield Schools
  4. Litchfield-based non-profit organizations
  5. Litchfield County-based non-profit organizations.
  6. All other non-profit organizations.

The Oliver Wolcott Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of the information posted on or near the bulletin board.

Adopted 7/02 Revised 1/15/08