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Litchfield Montessori
Embracing the Elements: Earth, Water. Fire & Air

On Exhibit: Jan. 1 through Jan. 28

Reception: Wednesday, January 8
                       5:00-7:00 p.m.



 This year’s exhibit offers a look into how each Litchfield Montessori School student sees and appreciates the importance of beauty and especially how they interpret the four elements of our environment. Students ask and answer: how do we gain strength from the earth, while the water gives us life, as we look to fire to provide the warmth and the air to give us breath? Each piece allows us to learn about the interconnectedness of all things and our part in helping to maintain a vibrant Earth. 

Featured in the art show will be traditional weavings inspired by the Navajo and Cherokee Nations. Like the weavings of the past, each child connected to the earth through the construction of a loom with tree branches and wove a colorful and personal tapestry with natural fibers.

Inspired by Eric Carle, students employed his unique technique of the paper-cut collage to create watery compositions of ocean creatures to represent the water element. Also featured are felting works with warm tones of orange, red and yellow wool fiber crafted into the flames of the sun for the element of fire.

The element of air takes flight in the art of Japanese origami. From the clever skill of paper-folding the children crafted delicate paper peace cranes and doves carrying messages of peace. 

Established in 1972, Litchfield Montessori School is located on a four-acre campus in Northfield. To learn more, visit their website at www.litchfieldmontessori.org.






Litchfield Public Schools

On Exhibit: LCS/LIS    Feb. 1 - Feb. 12
 Feb. 13 -  Feb.27

LCS/LIS Reception: Thursday, Feb. 6
                       5:00-7:00 p.m.


Students at Center School have been working on learning different lines, drawing using shapes, a variety of painting techniques and looking at the contrasting styles of famous artist and cultures. The artwork that will be presented includes studies from Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period, Ghana Kente cloth weaving, and a collection of primary, secondary and complementary color stories.  

Grades 4 through 6 at Litchfield Intermediate School learn about the Elements and Principles of Art while developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through a variety of art-making processes such as collage, watercolor, and printmaking. Many of our projects are open-ended so that students may explore their own wide range of interests in order to incorporate them into authentic and meaningful works of art. 

Art from Litchfield Middle School students features a variety of subject matter including Op Art, value drawings, still life drawings using colored pencils, marker, and graphite pencil. Students employed different techniques to create abstract illusions as well as representational artwork.

Art from Litchfield High School students will include works from Advanced Placement Studio Art, Advanced Art, Painting & Mixed Media, Drawing, and Illustration & Character Design. Works feature a variety of subject matter and materials including portraiture, still life, scratchboard, ceramic work, colored pencils, and charcoal works. 


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