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OWL Book Boutique

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Anticipated Date for the OWL Book Boutique: TBA!

How can I donate?

We welcome donations of gently used books, DVDs and audio book in support of the OWL Book Boutique. However, at the current time, we have completed the donation process for the 2021 Book Boutique and will not be accepting further donations. We will notify patrons by email when we will be accepting donations for 2022.

Where will the Book Boutique be held?

The Community House of the St. Michael's Church in Litchfield.

What is the date of the next Book Boutique?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we postponed the OWL Book Boutique in 2020, but we are hoping to reschedule for summer of 2021.

All donated books, DVDs and audio books will be for sale with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Oliver Wolcott Library!

What makes the OWL Book Boutique special?

  • Books will be curated and beautifully displayed by genre
  • Except for our bargain bin, all of the books and media materials are relatively new (last ten years) or our volunteers considered them to have some long-lasting or vintage appeal. This is not a tag sale but a special book-buying experience! (Please note that the library accepted all donations and does not have an opinion about the content of the materials available for purchase).
  • A Designated section of special, curated books that are have special significance and value.
  • A Friday night preview Event that will feature a relaxed, casual, social gathering to get your first look and chance to purchase books
  • Stay tuned for more details as we approach the summer of 2021

Donations are complete for our 2021 Event.

As stated above, we are no longer accepting any donations for the 2021 Book Boutique and do not anticipate accepting donations until 2022. Unfortunately, because of safety protocol related to Covid 19, any unauthorized donations left at the library will have to be disposed of.