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Letters are Characters

The goal of this program is to provide essential information for parents and caregivers while at the same time providing you the tools that you need to help your child understand the letter/sound (grapheme/phoneme) relationship, an essential step for reading acquisition for all readers.

Letters are Characters is play-based and fun - a curriculum for both you and your child! The letters are characters (with personalities) that you and your child can play with.

Every parent and caregiver needs to understand some important things about reading to ensure that children read to their highest potential and are protected in the event of reading acquisition struggles. This program will provide all the information that you need.

For children ages 2 – 7 and their caregivers.

During this program, parents learn about reading and get strategies to help their children break the alphabetic code, the essential first step in reading! This program is fun, grounded in science and play based.

For children k – 2nd grade – caregiver attendance is optional.

During this afterschool program, play based activities are differentiated so that children can learn the concepts that they need in order to read well. Syllable types, welded sounds, spelling patterns are taught in a play-based way.

Be sure to visit our Children’s Events page to register for our Letters are Characters program.