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Confidentiality Policy

As stated in Section 11-25 of the Connecticut General Statutes, “personally identifiable information contained in the circulation records of all public libraries shall be confidential”. Guidelines from the Connecticut State Library and the American Library Association advise library personnel that such records shall not be made available to any person, organization, government agency, or other entity except pursuant to a valid order, subpoena, or other process as may be authorized by law relating to civil, criminal, or legislative investigatory power. All requests for disclosure of information shall be presented to the Board of Trustees for action. Where it deems appropriate, the Board of Trustees may direct counsel for the Library to resist disclosure of such records until ordered to make disclosure by a court of competent jurisdiction. 

Parents or legal guardians may have access to circulation records of minor children. This is in accordance with a memo from the State Attorney General’s office dated September 16, 1993.

Adopted March 18, 2003.