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Art Submission Policy

The Oliver Wolcott Library Cultural Committee welcomes submissions for consideration for the Art Gallery. The Art Gallery is located in the Oliver Wolcott Library, a private corporation acting as the principal public library for the Town of Litchfield.

The process for acceptance to show in the Art Gallery is a competitive process and a juried selection by the Cultural Committee appointed by the President of the Oliver Wolcott Library’s Board of Trustees.

The Cultural Committee uses guidelines in its selection including technique, price range, size of proposed work, type of medium, type and style of framing, and artistic credentials of the artist. The purpose of the Art Gallery is to bring art to the community and to provide funds for the library’s operations. The work presented must be the artist’s original work and available for sale.

Phase 1 Submissions are due by January 31 of each year.

Phase I: Introduction:

  • Prepare a short biography of yourself and a description of your work (one page).
  • Include a tear sheet, color copy, or postcard representing the kind of work you would like to show in the Gallery. Please include at least three examples of representative work.
  • All artists will be notified within 90 days if the Committee is considering them for Phase Two.

Phase 2: Consideration of Work

  • If accepted for consideration by the Committee, artists will be asked to meet with the Committee and bring at least three framed/completed pieces of work for the Committee’s review.
  • All artists in Phase Two will be notified within 60 days of the Committee meeting about the status of their work.

Artists who have shown in the past

The Library welcomes the return of artists to our gallery. In fairness to the number of applications for the limited space and to offer our patrons the broadest variety of work, Gallery Artists are eligible to reshow after four full years. All artists (whether they have shown here in the past or not) must follow the procedure as outlined above.

Waiver by Artist

By submission to the Cultural Committee, the artist hereby agrees to be bound by the decision of the CulturalCommittee, and agrees to waive any and all claims that the decision of the Cultural Committee was based on any criteria other than the guidelines as outlined above.

Approved 2/06. Revised 8/2006, 4/2007, 12/2007, Revised & adopted as policy 1/15/08. Revised 2/09. Revised 12/09. Revised 3/2010, Revised and adopted 7/2011, Revised 12/2021.

Art Gallery Agreement