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OWL Monday Scholars    


English in America: A Linguistic History

Mondays, June 19 through July 31*
12:30 - 2:00 p.m.   
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Facilitated by Patricia Moore, Monday Scholars is a weekly series that meets in the library’s Jamie Gagarin Community Room. It’s the best of online learning and classroom discussion. Each week, a new lecture topic is watched and discussed. All you need to do is come ready to engage your mind and participate in the discussion.

About the Course:
If you’ve ever been curious how words like “awesomesauce” ever came to be, let alone made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, or if you’ve ever wondered why you say “firefly” and someone else calls the same insect a “lightning bug,” English in America: A Linguistic History is for you!

There’s an incredibly rich and colorful history behind American English. A profoundly diverse assortment of cultures and heritages has influenced our vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, and the language continues to grow and shift. From the dialects of the first colonies to the influences of various immigrant groups as well as today’s technology, we’ll learn and discuss them all.

About the Professor:
Dr. Natalie Schilling is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University. She holds a doctorate in Linguistics and bachelor’s in English from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a master’s degree in English from North Carolina State University. Dr. Schilling has appeared on a number of NPR programs, and has authored and contributed to many articles in national publications. She specializes in the study of language variation and change in American English dialects.

Registration Required. *We will not meet on July 3





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