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Fiction Book Discussion Group

The Fiction Book Group has been meeting since 2002. New members welcome! Come to one or all meetings. Books are available at the front desk. 

When:  Second Thursday of each month from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
Where:  The Jamie Gagarin Community Room & Gallery
Facilitated by:  Caitlin Costa ccosta@owlibrary.org

2018  Selections             

February 8, 2018 
The Crucible
by Arthur Miller

This play is a haunting examination of groupthink and mass hysteria in a rural community. Based on historical people and real events, the play uses the power of socially sanctioned violence unleashed by the rumors of witchcraft as a powerful parable about McCarthyism. At once an allegory of the 1950’s anti-communist witch hunts and a spotlight on 17th century witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, this play shows how ignorance and good intentions can interweave to destroy lives.
Moderated by Laura S 

 March 8, 2018 
The Loved One: An Anglo-American Tragedy
by Evelyn Waugh

Set among the manicured lawns and euphemisms of a memorial park in Hollywood, this novel satirizes the American way of death. Set in the L.A. funeral industry, there is a love triangle among people who are unusually comfortable handling dead things. A poet and pets' mortician enters the artificial paradise of a memorial park. Within its golden gates, death is sold like a package holiday.
Moderated by George 

April 12, 2018 
The Moviegoer
by Walker Percy

A New Orleans stockbroker surveys the world with a detached gaze even as he yearns for a spiritual redemption he cannot bring himself to believe in. Almost 30, he occupies himself dallying with his secretaries and going to movies, which provide him with the "treasurable moments" absent from his real life. But one fateful Mardi Gras, he embarks on a hare-brained quest that outrages his family, endangers his fragile cousin, and sends him reeling through the chaos of the French Quarter.
Moderated by Jean 

May 10, 2018 
The Sellout
by Paul Beatty

Raised by a single father, the narrator spent his childhood as the subject in racially charged psychological studies. This novel satirizes a young man's isolated upbringing and the race trial that sends him to the Supreme Court. It challenges the sacred tenets of the U.S. Constitution, urban life, the civil rights movement, the father-son relationship, and the black Chinese restaurant.
Moderated by Alan 


 June 14, 2018  -  Book selection for 2018-2019 and...  
The Optimist’s Daughter 
by Eudora Welty

The optimist in question is a 71-year-old judge who has come to a New Orleans hospital. His daughter arrives to be by his side. The operation on the judge's eye goes well, but the recovery does not. He lies still, growing ever more passive until finally--with some help from his shockingly vulgar wife of two years--he simply dies. Together the wife and daughter travel to bury him.
Moderated by Laurie F 


July 12, 2018 - Paired with Non-Fiction Book Club title Hillbilly Elegy by J. D. Vance this month.
Bastard out of Carolina
by Dorothy Allison

This novel dramatically illuminates the lives described in J.D. Vance's Hillbilly Elegy. South Carolina is home to the Boatwright family: a clan of hard-drinking men and indomitable women who get married young and age too quickly. Ruth Anne, known simply as Bone, is a bastard child who observes the world around her and is caught in a family triangle.
Moderated by Jeff







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